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Im trying to get my hands on this pymedia.audio.sound module and have attempted to get it several times from python.org, but I think I am doing something wrong like.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Im running Windows XP, Python 2.5 and its running fine, but how do I download and where do I extract the new module to be able to use it?

Apologies for my apparent lack of intelligence.


When I execute the file "setup.py" I get the following output:

Using WINDOWS configuration...

Path for OGG not found.

Path for VORBIS not found.

Path for FAAD not found.

Path for MP3LAME not found.

Path for VORBISENC not found.

Path for ALSA not found.

Continue building pymedia ? [Y,n]:

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The homepage for pymedia. Download from here.

Extract the compressed tar file. Then run python setup.py install from the extracted directory.

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