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I am using client side validations gem and in the official documentation is recommended to turn off uniqueness validation due to security reasons:

By default a uniqueness middleware is added. This can be a potential security issue.

So, following the recommendation I uncomment the following line

ClientSideValidations::Config.disabled_validators = [:uniqueness]

in the config/initializers/client_side_validations.rb file.

Anyway, when I am typing some text in fields that needs to be unique the following request is send by client side validations scripts which I believe is checking if the type in text is unique:

enter image description here

When I type some name that is already taken, the request status is still not found, so I believe the validation is turn off, but why this request keeps going on and is there anyway to stop them?

I know the client user probably will not know what is going on at all, but I just found it unappropriate to send a request on each field text change.

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If I understand you well you disabled uniqueness remote validation but the app keeps sending the request, right?

If that's the problem, try restarting rails server.

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I have done this two months ago. From then, a lot of restarts are done, but nothing changes. – gotqn Jul 12 '13 at 9:18

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