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I'm trying to do the training process, but I don't understand even how to start. I would like to train for read it numbers. My images are from real world, so it didn't go so good with the reading process.

It says that I have to have a ".tif" image with the examples... is a single image of every number (in this case) or a image with a lot of different types of number (same font, though)?

And what about the makebox? The command didn't work here.


Could someone explain me better, at least how to start?

I saw a few softwares that do this more quickly, but I tryied one (SunnyPage 1.8) but isn't free. Anyone know any free software that does this? Or a good tutorial?

Using Tesseract 3, Windows 8 (32bits).

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It is important to patiently follow the training wiki google code project site. If needed multiple times. It is an open source library and is constantly evolving.

You will have to create a training image(tiff) with a lot of different types of numbers probably should have all the numbers you wish the engine to recognize.

Please consider posting the exact error message you got with make box.

I think Tesseract is the best free solution available. You have to keep working and seek help from community.

There is a very good post from Cédric here explaining the training process for Tesseract.

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A good free OCR software is PDF OCR X which is also based on Tesseract. I tried to copy my notes from German which I had scanned at 1200dpi, and the results were commendable but not perfect. I found that this website - http://onlineocr.net - is a lot more accurate. If you are not registered, it allows a maximum of 4mb file size from most image formats (BMP, PNG, JPEG etc.) and PDF. It can output them as a Word file, an Excel file or an txt file. Hope this helps.

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