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I'm writing a client for a REST server using Moose and trying to map the calls into objects. Since many of the calls are simple and will use a boilerplate function to pre-fetch it, I'm trying to use export a function that creates the actual before functions within each class.

package R::A;

use Moose;

use R::Util qw(make_befores);

has 'var' => (is => 'rw', isa => 'Str');

make_befores('/servercall/' => ['var']);


package R::Util;

use Moose; use Moose::Exporter;

sub make_befores {
    while (my ($c, $vs) = each(@_)){
        before $vs => sub {
            # make call and set object values

    as_is     => [ 'make_befores', ],


That's probably incomplete and definitely untested but I think it relays the point. When calling make_befores, it calls it in context of R::Util and breaks since it doesn't call it as R::A with all its variables and such. If make_befores is simply copy-and-pasted into R::A, it works. This will be used in multiple classes, though, so I want it to be an import-able function.

Or am I going about this all wrong?


Fuji Goro's solution worked great, but was hard to figure out for a Moose newbie like myself, so here's what it ended up looking like:

sub make_befores {
    my $meta = shift;
    while (my ($c, $vs) = each(@_)){
        my $sub = sub { ... };
        Moose::Util::add_method_modifier($meta, before => [$vs => $sub]);
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before is just a syntactic sugar to the MOP. See Use MOP directly, or you can use Moose::Util::add_method_modifier() and with_meta for this case.

use Moose::Util;
use Moose::Exporter;

sub make_before {
    my($meta, @methods) = @_;
    Moose::Util::add_method_modifier($meta, before => \@methods);

    with_meta => [qw(make_before)],
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Worked like a charm. Took me forever to figure out how to use that stuff, though. I appended the solution to my question in case someone stumbles upon this. – Jason Lefler Jun 27 '13 at 22:07
The magic is with_meta, which adds a meta object (__PACKAGE__->meta) as the first argument of the function to export. Almost all the Moose sugar functions are exported with_meta. Read, it's really simple. – Fuji Goro Jun 27 '13 at 22:50

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