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Hey fellow stackerenos!

Sorry for such a basic question but what is the difference between these lines in the gemfile.lock and/or gemfile?

 /Gemfile.lock or /Gemfile

 mygem (1.1.0)
 yourgem (= 1.3.4)
 hisgem (<= 4.2.1)
 hergem (>= 0.5.1)
 somegem (~> 4.1.5)

I can figure that

 hisgem (<= 4.2.1)

means any version of this gem less than 4.2.1 should work. And similarly, hergem (>= 0.5.1) means any gem version greater than 0.5.1 should work. But what's the difference between

 yourgem (= 1.3.4)


 somegem (~> 4.1.5)

Do they both specify exact versions of the gem? How are they different?

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From that page...

gem 'library', '~> 2.2'

Notice that we only include 2 digits of the version. The operator will drop the final digit of a version, then increment the remaining final digit to get the upper limit version number. Therefore ‘~> 2.2’ is equivalent to: [‘>= 2.2’, ‘< 3.0’]. Had we said ‘~> 2.2.0’, it would have been equivalent to: [‘>= 2.2.0’, ‘< 2.3.0’]. The last digit specifies the level of granularity of version control. (Remember, you can alway supply an explicit upper limit if the pessimistic operator is too limited for you).

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Awesome, thanks Philip! – User314159 Jun 26 '13 at 22:55

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