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I'm trying to get the username and timestamp of the most recent post where topicID is, for example, 88.


id      |  username    
45234   | kaka   
32663   | lenny  
52366   | bob  


id      |  message  | topicID | timestamp | userID
675     | hello     | 88      | 100       | 32663
676     | hey       | 88      | 200       | 45234
677     | howdy     | 88      | 300       | 52366

So here I would want postID 677 and user bob.

Can I do this in a single sql query?

Would be great if I could implent it into this:

SELECT, topics.subject, topics.forum_id
FROM topics WHERE topics.forumID = 16
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Assuming that table Topic is linked with table Post by Topic.ID = Post.TopicID and you want to get the latest post associated with it, you can have a subquery which basically gets the latest id (assuming it's set as auto-incremented column) for each topicID and join the result on table Post to get the other columns. Also you need to join on table User in order to get the name of the user who posted the entry.

FROM    topic a
        INNER JOIN Posts b
            ON = b.topicID 
        INNER JOIN
            SELECT  topicID, MAX(id) id
            FROM    Posts
            GROUP   BY topicID
        ) c ON b.topicID = c.topicID AND
       = c.ID
        INNER JOIN users d
            ON b.userID =
WHERE   a.forumID = 16

if you remove the WHERE clause, you will get all the latest entry for each forumID.

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Awesome. Just awesome. I love you! – Kaka Jun 27 '13 at 1:28

Untested, but off the top of my head, I think the following query will get you what you want:

SELECT Users.username, Posts.timestamp
FROM Users JOIN Posts on = Posts.userID
WHERE Posts.topicID = 88
ORDER BY Posts.timestamp DESC
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