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i would like to create a custom article with predefined fields in that article so that the members of my site can create the content/article following the predefined fields. For example, "The Special Day in My Life" article will have following fields "Date, Image gallery, write-up, names, location(map)", certain fields are compulsory.

My site will then render all the content/articles in the same layout.

Is it possible to do so with Joomla? Thanks!

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The easiest way to do this is using one of the content construction kits extensions you can find on the Joomla Extension Directory.

One of the most popular ones is K2 but there are lots. You can find lots of plug-ins that customise K2 even further also listed on the JED.

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I'd Like to suggest Form2Content Component for Joomla 3.xx as it serves the purpose quite well.

Here are a few reasons why it is the best suitor.

  • It creates articles with custom layout. The keyword here is "article", yup it creates Joomla articles but with a custom form with custom fields, the point I am trying to make is that since it creates native articles, all the content created by it enjoys all the perks like ...

    • SEO optimization
    • Page extension like ".html" if you are into such thingy
    • The Joomla! caching that would make a day and night difference once traffic is considerable etc.

    the same as any other article

  • Front-end form (article) submission.

  • Once you have the layout ready all it takes to create an article, is to fill out the form that you created and the articles are ready, no concern of a user/author messing the layout(maybe by forgetting a closing tag or whatever).

  • Fully Integrated with Joomla! Tags Component.

  • Lastly Its FREE! Well atleast the lite version. Though it still does the job, and you can always upgrade if you feel so.

JED Link || Website Link

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