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I am using TortoiseHG for source code control in Windows, I forgot to edit the ".hgignor" file, and now I have a huge folder ".hg" which I know it's because of DLL and EXE and PDB files which I do not need them. Now changing the ignor file does not remove those files.

What should I do for deleting these files completely from my TortoiseHg data source?

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You can use the hg remove command to remove files in your repository. If you are using TortoiseHG, you can right click on the file and go: TortoiseHG -> Remove File.

Check out the "How to stop tracking a file" section Here.

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Thanks very much. this command also deletes the file from hard drive, what should I do if I want to keep them? – Hossein Margani Nov 14 '09 at 9:56
hg forget filename.ext – David Murdoch Jun 29 '11 at 16:40

if you want to stop tracking files, but leave them in working directory, use hg forget. Help also says you can achieve the same effect by using hg remove -Af.

I'm not sure what do you mean by «data source», but neither of those will remove the files from repository itself, because they are already a part of your history, and thus their previous versions will remain there. Forgetting them will only prevent your history from bloating even further with newer versions of those build artifacts.

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