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I've got a website that was created about an year ago and its been constantly revised since then. The website is coded in classic ASP, contains about ~50 pages -- some are multi-purpose, and contains old-school style links such as:


I have IIRF v2 installed which allows access to URL rewriting functionality so this I do not have to worry about. What I am worried about is how to replace about 300 links to .ASP pages with SEF urls. As far as my understanding is concerned, I have to add a database query (to extract title of the record being linked) for each link.

I need advice on how to begin converting the website into a SEF URL powered website with as little code change as possible. Wrapper classes and tried-and-tested techniques and pointers to best practices will be appreciated.

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If you want to do URL Rewriting without changing frameworks or anything, may I suggest that you take a look at IIS7 Url Rewriting Module?

However, if you are rewriting part of your application in .NET ... you might want to consider ASP.NET MVC. It already build simple built-in URL Rewriting module and definitely allows you to keep on using your old "WebForms" (if ASP.NET) or your classic ASP pages.

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Don't forget to permanently redirect each and every old link to a new one (use 301 HTTP code).

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At news.asp (and whatever other old pages you have) put something (a class? I don't know, I have never used ASP) that parses the old-style URL and redirects (with a HTTP redirect code) to the new URL.

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I'm not trying to be funny here but seriously how long would it really take to convert 300 links manually? I really suspect that it would take less time than trying to find some automated approach.

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Next step it to convert site #2 that has about 100+ asp pages. –  Salman A Nov 14 '09 at 11:32
@Salman: ok then, perhaps that detail should've been in your original question. After all its reasonable to assume that you quoting 300 links was relevent but it turns out it isn't. –  AnthonyWJones Nov 14 '09 at 13:01

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