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I already set the manifest to debug, enabled the decide to development and upgraded the usb driver and it still doesn't show the devices on the "Android Device Chooser" window

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Hi. Try to install driver from Google - It helped for me – serhiisavruk Feb 10 '14 at 22:38
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I tried obvious solutions and then non-obvious and obvious again

I applied everything I researched, what was missing was running eclipse as Administrator on windows 7

apparently it requires some rights on host os to perform usb debugging

good luck for the next searching this

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Have you enabled ADB?

Settings -> Developer Options -> Android debugging?

Unless ADB is enabled Eclipse wont be able to talk with the device.

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yes, it is, nothing happens – The Poet Jun 27 '13 at 5:46

I had a similar problem in Android Studio 0.2.2 (IntelliJ). On Windows 7 my Nexus 7 did not appear in device chooser although it was fine on my Mac. I could also browse my Nexus 7 in Windows Explorer.

In the end I needed to install the Asus USB drivers for the Nexus 7 (link):

After that ADB detected my Nexus and everything worked as expected.

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