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I read an Excel Sheet into a pandas DataFrame this way:

import pandas as pd

xl = pd.ExcelFile("Path + filename")
df = xl.parse("Sheet1")

the first cell's value of each column is selected as the column name for the dataFrame, I want to specify my own column names, How do I do this?

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call .parse with header=None keyword argument.

df = xl.parse("Sheet1", header=None)
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I think setting them afterwards is the only way in this case, so if you have for example four columns in your DataFrame:

df.columns = ['W','X','Y','Z']

If you know in advance what the headers in the Excelfile are its probably better to rename them, this would rename W into A, etc:

df.rename(columns={'W':'A', 'X':'B', etc})
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my problem is that the first row of the Excel file contains valid data and not the column names. so using "df.columns = ['W','X','Y','Z']" I would lose data ... so I need to append the col names on top of existing data then change the col names .... –  darkkkk7 Jun 27 '13 at 6:16

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