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Looking at something like http://www.express.com/clothing/limited+edition+extra+slim+1mx+shirt+to+easy+care/pro/0308116/cat810040 where the zoom is carried out in an absolute position div to the side

Found a few such as Easyzoom - wondering if there are opinions on flexible plugins, recommendations from experience


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The most well-known jQuery plugin that can be used to zoom parts of an image is cloudzoom, however it's non-free.

There are a lot of image zoom plugins in this page:


Some nice free ones:

  • Easyzoom is probably the closest to what you require that is free, as you mentioned.
  • There's also elevate-zoom, which is free and looks quite nice.

Otherwise, if you're willing to pay, cloudzoom is the most versatile and feature rich, AFAIK.

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