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PagedList.Mvc is working fine if I do not use partial page but when I use partial page with ajax to load the grid then there is problem in pagination.and I ended with the support from TroyGoode https://github.com/TroyGoode/PagedList/issues/26#issuecomment-6471793, But link provided for the support is not working. Right now, I have used like this

@Html.PagedListPager((IPagedList)Model.MovieInforamtions, page => Url.Action("GetMovieDatabase", new { page }))

, which loads the page but I need to change the pagination ajaxically. How can I achieve this?

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This issue is solved by using PagedListRenderOptions.EnableUnobtrusiveAjaxReplacing.

@Html.PagedListPager(Model.MovieInforamtions, page => Url.Action("GetMovieDatabase", page }), PagedListRenderOptions.EnableUnobtrusiveAjaxReplacing( new AjaxOptions(){  HttpMethod = "GET", UpdateTargetId = "movie_grid"}))
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Can you post the link to your project if present in GitHub or somewhere? –  Rockstart Jun 20 at 20:29

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