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I want to return in a for loop in a coffeescript function. but transpiler issue error.

breaker = {}
nativeForEach      = Array.prototype.forEach

_each = (obj, iterator, context) ->
    return if (obj == null)
    if nativeForEach and obj.forEach is nativeForEach
      obj.forEach(iterator, context)
    else if obj.length is +obj.length
      # seems the for loop and return statement is wrong
      for item, i in obj
        if iterator.call(context, item, i, obj) == breaker
      for key of obj
        if _has(obj, key)
          return if iterator.call(context, obj[key], key, obj) is breaker  

But coffee-script-redux says:

    throw new Error('expr: Cannot use a ' + s.type + ' as a value');
Error: expr: Cannot use a ReturnStatement as a value
    at expr (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:153:11)
    at expr (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:123:18)
    at expr (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:135:52)
    at makeReturn (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:182:35)
    at makeReturn (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:161:80)
    at makeReturn (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:165:42)
    at makeReturn (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:165:96)
    at makeReturn (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:163:91)
    at class$.exports.Compiler.expression (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:1094:20)
    at class$.<anonymous> (D:\dev\nodejs\node_modules\coffee-script-redux\lib\compiler.js:2325:86)

I thought I know coffeescript loop statements, but it had confused me around absolutely. Help me please!

Edit: Actually, my code is the rewritten coffeescript version of underscore.js 's _.each method. Does someone can rewrite it in coffeescript?

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Could you post the coffeescript as well? –  limelights Jun 27 '13 at 6:43
@limelights it already be coffeescript. what do you mean? –  Henry Leu Jun 27 '13 at 6:51
Yeah, the source code. What version of CoffeeScript are you using? github.com/michaelficarra/CoffeeScriptRedux/issues/168 –  limelights Jun 27 '13 at 6:51
Could it be a compiler bug? I don't see a syntax error in your code –  Jan Dvorak Jun 27 '13 at 6:51
@limelights ok, I got it. my coffeescript is 1.6.3 –  Henry Leu Jun 27 '13 at 6:55

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