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in my application, my Fragment AppointmentFrag contains a customListView which load data from database on itemClickListener of listView, i open a DialogFrament

This is my itemClick method

public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> arg0, View view, int position, long id) 
    RowItem listRow = (RowItem)listview.getItemAtPosition(position);
    String date=dateString;
    String time=listRow.gettime();
    arguments.putString("date", date);
    arguments.putString("time", time);
    SherlockDialogFragment fragment = (SherlockDialogFragment)  Fragment.instantiate(appContext, SdleCrte.class.getName(),arguments);
    fragment.show(getFragmentManager(), "create");

my DialogFragment is SdleCrte.class

i need to do some operations on the dialogFragment ie, i add a new item to my table in the database. and when i click on the positive button the dialog will dismiss and need to show the new item in the listView which contains in the AppointmentFrag i override the onResume in my AppointmentFrag and write code for recollecting data from the database but my onResume function written in the AppointmentFrag doesnt call

how we can refresh my listView when the Dialog closed. or how we can identify my dialogFrag dismissed and run some part of code.

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I might be a bit late to answer, but in your DialogFragment:

public void onDismiss(DialogInterface frag) {
    // DO Something

Here you can call a method in your Activity using (MyActivityClassName)getActivity().myMethod();

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