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WSO2 folks,

I'm trying to setup WSO2 BAM following the User Guide: But I got stuck on "Installing BAM Mediator Feature" section. I added a feature repository:, but couldn't find the feature "BAM Mediator Aggregate". The versions I'm using are:

WSO2 BAM: 2.3.0

WSO2 ESB: 4.6.0

So I suppose I should use Carbon 4.1.0 repository, is this correct? Please help. Thanks!

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The "BAM Mediator Aggregate" feature is already installed on WSO2 ESB 4.6.0. The document is out dated.

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Mediation Log

  1. Go in ESB Home > Configure > Mediation Data Publishing
  2. enter
  3. BAM URL: https://bam_server_url:port(9443)
    Username: Username bam
    Password: Password bam
    and save
  4. Go in BAM Home > Manage > BAM Toolbox
  5. Add New Toolbox select Mediation Stats Monitoring Toolbox and install


  1. Go in BAM Home > Manage > BAM Toolbox
  2. Add New Toolbox select JMX Monitoring Toolbox and install
  3. Go in Home > Configure > JMX Agent
  4. Click "Add Default JMX Toolbox to monitor system resources of a WSO2 server running on Linux (CPU/Memory/OS)"
  5. Click on "toolbox" Edit
  6. enter
  7. *Data Receiver Information*
    Receiver address: ComboBox select "https" adress "bam_server:port(defult 9443)"
    Secure address: ComboBox select "https" adress "bam_server:port(defult 9443)"
    User Name: User BAM
    Password: Password BAM
    *JMX Server Information*
    Server URL: service:jmx:rmi:esb_esrver:11111/jndi/rmi:esb_esrver:9999/jmxrmi
    UserName: User ESB
    Password: Password ESB
    and save
  8. Edit conf ESB wso2esb\repository\conf\etc\jmx.xml
  9. enter host(ip or domain name) esb_server
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