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In shell I typed bin/dev page foo and shell returned Node is not running, I checked my logs and noticed the message epmd: epmd: node name already occupied nitrogen

Then, in shell I typed epmd -names and it returned

epmd: up and running on port 4369 with data:
name nitrogen at port 61109

Running epmd -debug gives

epmd: Thu Jun 27 01:01:52 2013: epmd running - daemon = 0
epmd: Thu Jun 27 01:01:52 2013: there is already a epmd running at port 4369

I cannot stop the node, and when I try apparently it is active in the db

epmd: local epmd responded with <>
Killing not allowed - living nodes in database.

In Eshell, I received the following

=ERROR REPORT==== 27-Jun-2013::00:49:53 ===
** Connection attempt from disallowed node 'nitrogen_maint_19141@' ** 

Is there a method to get Eshell to recognize this node, in order to run bin/dev function?

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I've noticed you posting on the Nitrogen mailing list, and as I understand it, you've got it straightened out, but in this situation, I'd kill the running node manually with a ps aux | grep nitrogen, then kill the process it finds with a simple kill XYZ.

That, or, I've seen the "Node is not running" thing pop up when the process was launched with a different user, such that you don't have access to the erlang pipe.

Admittedly, my advice isn't terribly scientific (killing a process is pretty nasty), but it's a simple solution if for whatever reason something got hosed during launching and you're unable to attach to the node.

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Thank you @chops! I tried the above, and it didn't result in attaching the node. The grep appears to show a normal process: 840 0.0 0.0 2434892 548 s001 S+ 12:11PM 0:00.00 grep nitrogen and a dangling one? 859 0.0 0.0 2435452 204 ?? S 12:14PM 0:00.00 epmd -daemon, and I am unable to stop the normal process, however, I can stop the daemon, relaunch it, etc. –  aug2uag Jun 27 '13 at 19:23
epmd is designed to stay running even after the process ends, and the first one in your list is actually the grep command itself that it's finding. With the node apparently not running, are you able to launch a nitrogen instance (bin/nitrogen console) and then use the bin/dev command? Keep in mind, dev will only function if the node is running. –  chops Jun 27 '13 at 21:26
sorry for the delay @chops. after launching nitrogen with bin/nitrogen console, I received the error =ERROR REPORT==== 1-Jul-2013::00:29:45 === ** Connection attempt from disallowed node 'nitrogen_maint_697@' ** . While the epmd -names command yields epmd: up and running on port 4369 with data: name nitrogen at port 52185 –  aug2uag Jul 1 '13 at 7:34
saweet!! i deleted my folder (i could not work my through that-- definitely had gotten myself in a loop). again, console would not run, grep'd the id, killed the process (not the daemon).. money!! I love this framework!! –  aug2uag Jul 2 '13 at 6:16
Excellent! Glad to hear it! –  chops Jul 2 '13 at 14:22

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