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I'm developing an Android application that connects to a Web service. From the web service I get this error:

POST request for "xxx" resulted in 422 (Unprocessable Entity); invoking error handler

I'm using SpringFramework Rest Client for Android, and I connect to the web service with this code:

public static User sendUserPersonalData(User userProfileData)
        HttpHeaders requestHeaders = new HttpHeaders();
        requestHeaders.setAccept(Collections.singletonList(new MediaType("application","json")));
        HttpEntity<User> requestEntity = new HttpEntity<User>(userProfileData, requestHeaders);

        GsonHttpMessageConverter messageConverter = new GsonHttpMessageConverter();
        List<HttpMessageConverter<?>> messageConverters = new ArrayList<HttpMessageConverter<?>>();

        HttpComponentsClientHttpRequestFactory requestFactory = new HttpComponentsClientHttpRequestFactory();

        RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate(requestFactory);

        ResponseEntity<User> responseEntity = restTemplate.exchange(url, HttpMethod.POST, requestEntity, User.class);

        return responseEntity.getBody();
    catch (Exception e)
    return null;

But, the web service also returns a JSON string like this one:

    "email": [
        "is invalid"
    "birthday": [
        "is invalid"
    "startday": [
        "is invalid"
    "sex_preference": [
        "can't be blank"
    "password": [
        "is too long (maximum is 4 characters)"

How can I get it even if I get an Exception?

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post some code from your onErrorListener or something like that.. –  Ovidiu Latcu Jun 27 '13 at 8:20
I don't have an onErrorListener. I don't have more code. –  VansFannel Jun 27 '13 at 8:36

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You should catch the RestClientException like this :

  }catch(RestClientException e){
     //process exception
     if(e instanceof HttpStatusCodeException){
         String errorResponse=((HttpStatusCodeException)e).getResponseBodyAsString();
         //now you have the response, construct json from it, and extract the errors


Have a look at the javadocs for RestTemplate, RestClientException.

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