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Apologies for the perhaps obvious beginners question. I'm trying to get a 960 x 400 image that has run through a chain of filters to output to a 960 x 540 letterboxed file preserving its aspect ratio. I have it successfully displaying to the view but currently it's being stretched vertically to fill the 960x540 output file. Any suggestions how I might achieve this would be greatly appreciated. I've unsuccessfully tried using forceProcessingAtSizeRespectingAspectRatio:(CGSize)frameSize; on the final filter filterBlend

[filterBlurColor addTarget:filterBlend];

GPUImageView *filterView = (GPUImageView *)self.view;
[filterBlend addTarget:filterView];

filterView.fillMode = kGPUImageFillModePreserveAspectRatio;

// and later I have

movieWriter = [[GPUImageMovieWriter alloc] initWithMovieURL:movieURL size:CGSizeMake(960.0, 540.0)];
[filterBlend addTarget:movieWriter];

[videoCamera startCameraCapture];

Edited attempting to apply Brad's suggestion: I've now added a Transform filter as the last step in the chain using

filterTransform = [[GPUImageTransformFilter alloc] init];
    [(GPUImageTransformFilter *)filterTransform forceProcessingAtSizeRespectingAspectRatio:CGSizeMake(960.0, 540.0)];

and also tried with

filterTransform = [[GPUImageTransformFilter alloc] init];
    [(GPUImageTransformFilter *)filterTransform forceProcessingAtSize:CGSizeMake(960.0, 540.0)];

however its still outputting a vertically stretched file through movieWriter and a correct aspect ratio image to view. The forceProcessing seems to work when I reduce image dimensions but not when I increase them. Obviously i'm missing something.

Additional edit. I think I've just grasped how forceProcessingAtSizeRespectingAspectRatio works, it doesn't create a file the size of the CGSizeMake declaration if the incoming image is smaller in only one dimension, it then just outputs a file at the same dimensions as the incoming. I am after a transform that in one step outputs a file of the CGSizeMake declarations size which creates black letterbox bars as required to fill the area not covered by the aspect ratio respected image area.

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You might need to add a transform as the last step, combined with -forceProcessingAtSize: at the final size of your movie frame, to squeeze down your input image so that it isn't stretched across the whole frame. – Brad Larson Jun 27 '13 at 18:32
Thanks Brad, for the fast help and the amazingly elegant / efficient framework. Not sure what I'm doing wrong as I'm still getting a vertically stretched movieWriter Image. I've edited the entry to reflect where I'm at. – Martian Jun 27 '13 at 21:54
Any luck with this yet? – Þorvaldur Rúnarsson Jun 16 at 12:36

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