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I sent an object to controllers action thorugh ajax , but I don't know how to recevie the object in controller. My ajax call is :

            type: "POST",
            url: '@Url.Action("Create","Home")',
            data: { ID: '@Model.ID', Name: '@Model.Name'}
        }).done(function (msg) {
            alert("Added :" + msg);

This should work , BUt I can't figure out how to recevie the object in controller. I wrote this :

    public ActionResult Create(Home h)


But it is not working . I neeed help in this , Thanks in advance.

My Home class :

public class Home
    public int ID { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }
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Show your Home class pls – YD1m Jun 27 '13 at 9:23
I haven added Home class – Hammad Shahid Jun 27 '13 at 9:25
What type of data you want to receive? Your Create action should to return ActionResult type, not string – YD1m Jun 27 '13 at 9:25
I just want to receive the object or ID and Name , which I sent from the AJAX call – Hammad Shahid Jun 27 '13 at 9:26
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Your action should be like thus:

public ActionResult Create(Home h)
    throw new NotImplementedException(); // put you code here
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After writing this action , I wrote this h.ID; to access the ID data , but it is not displaying anything – Hammad Shahid Jun 27 '13 at 9:34

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