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I'm currently developing a Java Servlet Project in Eclipse. The project is compiled via Tomcat 5.5 and hosted in localhost:8080(alternatively AND which also happens to be my local IP). The hosted project can be accessed on another computer via my Intranet(Local Network) at It should be mentioned that my computer is behind a router, and, I've configured it to forward the port 18261 to Yet, when I access the project via a web based proxy and enter: {my IP Address}:18261 then, it gives a error message.

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And what error message? –  jitter Nov 14 '09 at 11:13
plz transfer this question to ServerFault. –  BROY Nov 14 '09 at 11:14
you should've put the Update as an answer –  medopal Nov 15 '09 at 14:50
@medopal Request Fulfilled. –  Catfish Nov 16 '09 at 6:59

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I've now resolved the problem. It turned out, that for some reason, the router wasn't forwarding the port 18261 to 8080 so, the next time I entered: {My IP Address}:8080 in the web based proxy, and, it Worked!! (but I don't know why!)

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You need to open the port 8080 in your router, if you don't know how to open a port I suggest you to check PortForward.

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