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I have a package named myscrapy, the directory structure is:

+ spider-common
--+ myscrapy
----+ basespiders
------+ __init__.py
------+ mod.py
--+ __init__.py
--+ mod.py

And I have an enviroment variable:

export PYTHONPATH=~/spider-common

This is success:

from myscrapy import mod

But it failed:

from myscrapy.basespiders import mod

ImportError: No module named myscrapy.basespiders


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I'm a little confused by your diagram. Are the __init__.py and mod.py files at the bottom in the top-level spider-common folder, or in the myscrappy subfolder? The indentation level suggests the top level, but that doesn't match the from myscrappy import mod line you say does work, and an __init__.py file at top level is useless. –  Blckknght Jun 27 '13 at 11:55
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The import command treads every folder only as a package (which is importable), when a certain structure is present (see Python Docs). You have to place a __init__.py file (could be a blank one) in every subdirectory you import.

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