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I have a swig file which contains the following code:

%module vgSofa

#define VG_SOFA_API

%import vgd/vgd.i
%import vgm/vgm.i

%template(BasicHandlerShp1) boost::shared_ptr<vgSofa::handler::BasicHandler>;


#include "vgSofa/handler/BasicHandler.hpp"


%template(BasicHandlerShp) vgd::Shp<vgSofa::handler::BasicHandler>;

%include "vgSofa/handler/BasicHandler.hpp"

Where vgd::Shp inherits to boost::shared_ptr. This code generates the wrapper and python file but in the python file generated I don't have access to vgSofa::handler::BasicHandler functions in my template BasicHandlerShp. How can I do to access these functions in BasicHandlerShp ? Thank you !!

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Does the BasicHandlerShp1 class work for you? I'm not sure why you would want vgd::Shp to inherit from shared_ptr, is that really what you want to do?

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