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I have a question about doctrine persistance mechanisme.

Situation : I have a ManyToMany relation,and I add some entities in a defined order, but when I retrieve my entities there are retrieved in a different order. it's like doctrine change the order when saving entities.

Example : Obj_A (id=3) and Obj_B1 (id = 2) , Obj_B2 (id = 5), Obj_B3 (id = 1)

when retrieved, the order of Obj_B* id obj3, obj1, obj2 it's like an id order.

Can you help me please. I have to retrieve theme in the initial order.

Best Regards,

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Resolved, Normally doctrine sort the entries by id (primary key) so, to save order with must create a class-association with it's own Id (that will keep the sort).

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