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I'm getting frustrated by not finding any good explanation on how to list all files in a S3 bucket.

I have this bucket with about 20 images on. All I want to do is to list them. Someone says "just use the S3.list-method". But without any special library there is no S3.list-method. I have a S3.get-method, which I dont get to work. Arggh, would appreciate if someone told me how to simply get an list of all files(filenames) from an S3 bucket.

val S3files = S3.get(bucketName: String, path: Option[String], prefix: Option[String], delimiter: Option[String])

returns an Future[Response]

I dont know how to use this S3.get. What would be the easiest way to list all files in my S3 bucket?

Answers much appreciated!

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Using the library here:


You should be able to do something like this:

import concurrent.ExecutionContext.Implicits._

val bucket = S3("bucketName")
val result = bucket.list
result.map {
  case Left(error) => throw new Exception("Error: " + x)
  case Right(list) => 
    list.foreach {
        case BucketItem(name, isVirtual) => //...

You'll have to tweak this a bit in regards to your credentials, but the examples show how to do that.

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Thanks alot, helped me! I tweaked it a bit, i'll post my solution. –  raxelsson Jun 27 '13 at 13:11
def listS3Files() = Action {
Await.result(S3("bucketName").list, 15 seconds).fold(
{ error => {
  success => {

Here's my working solution. Thanks to @cmbaxter

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