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I'm returning a UIImageView in - (UIView *)mapView:(GMSMapView *)mapView markerInfoWindow:(GMSMarker *)marker;

This UIImageView loads images dynamically through a URL using SDWebImage.

As the documentation says about marker info windows:

Note: The info window is rendered as an image each time it is displayed on the map. This means that any changes to its properties while it is active will not be immediately visible. The contents of the info window will be refreshed the next time that it is displayed.

The point is that after downloading the image the info window doesn't refresh and keep showing the placeholder image until user hides then show it back again..

So I need to force refresh the contents of the markerInfoWindow in the block of image downloaded..

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This is how I fixed the problem using the workaround bellow:

UIImage *img = [[SDWebImageManager sharedManager] imageWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:Img_URL]]; //Img_URL is NSString of your image URL
    if (img) {       //If image is previously downloaded set it and we're done.
        [imageView setImage:img];
        [imageView setImageWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:Img_URL] placeholderImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"defaultPin"] success:^(UIImage *image, BOOL cached) {
            if (!marker.snippet || !cached) {
                [marker setSnippet:@""];                 //Set a flag to prevent an infinite loop
                if (mapView.selectedMarker == marker) {  //Only set if the selected marker equals to the downloaded marker
                    [mpVu setSelectedMarker:marker];
        } failure:^(NSError *error) {

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Based on your explanation , I understand you are looking to refresh your currently displayed infowindow after an image download so that the infowindow is redrawn with the new details.

You can do the below steps:

1, Programatically close the infowindow

2, Programatically show the infowindow for the same marker again

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