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I have a mgwt CellList within a ScrollPanel and I have added the handler addCellSelectedHandler. This is the code:

List<Tag> tags = new ArrayList<Tag>();
tags.add(new Tag("1", "tag1"));
tags.add(new Tag("2", "tag2"));
tags.add(new Tag("3", "tag3"));
tags.add(new Tag("4", "tag4"));
tags.add(new Tag("5", "tag5"));


addHandlerRegistration(display.getTagList().addCellSelectedHandler(new CellSelectedHandler() {

    public void onCellSelected(CellSelectedEvent event) {
        Window.alert("selected: " + event.getIndex());

The problem is that the handler is never execute. It is like the CellList doesn't fire the events or doesn't recognize the selection. After a further debuggin it seems that when I click on the CellList, the scrollPanel get the browser event instead of the CellList. Is this possible? Can it be other reason?

I have tried removing the CellList and placing a button. In this case, the button works fine.

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from your code example its not clear wether you are refering to your view as display or view? –  Daniel Kurka Jul 6 '13 at 10:32
r u using MVP pattern, if so, write addHandlerRegistration() in start() of your activity class. –  Arun Rvrjc Aug 2 '13 at 11:37

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