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I am trying to make an ajax call to my controller

class PatientRecordController < ApplicationController
  def export

In my javascript file i have

        $.ajax({url: "patient_record/export", type: "POST"});

when i inspect element and debug and when i click the export tag on my page. i hit the function however it never gets to the controller

Also I have 2 controllers and 2 views. In my other controller and view I do the same thing and it works

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Have you checked that you routes.rb have something like:

post 'patient_record/export'

Maybe Rails doesn't know the route so the ajax isn't working (if you can get to the action from your browser it means that you have only a GET set, you can check that changing the type of the request in the ajax call)

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You also need a route for the export action in your config/routes.rb file, something like

resources :patient_records do
  member do
    post :export

You can check to see if this already exists by running rake routes | grep 'export'.

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A mere five seconds! – NicoSantangelo Jun 27 '13 at 13:12
...and I was just about to post a similar comment on your answer. :) – pjmorse Jun 27 '13 at 13:12

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