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I'm a bit confused about the localStorage object. localStorage is an object which obviously means that we can create methods, creating properties and such like an ordinary object.

I'm trying to figure out how can i create a method inside localStorage. This is what I currently have:

localStorage = {
firstname: function(){
        //get the firsname from the input and set it as the localstorage firsname
        $("#sublog").bind("click", function(){
    lastname: function(){
        //get the lastname from the input and set it as the localStorage lastname
        $("#sublog").bind("click", function(){

My html looks like this:

<div id="log">
        <input type="text" id="fName" name="fName" placeholder="FirstName" />
        <input type="text" id="lName" name="lName" placeholder="LastName" />
        <input type="submit" id="sublog" name="login" value="Login" />

To make it clear, I simply want to store the client's name to localStorage.firstname and localStorage.lastname when the client inserts his first and last name to save them.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The localStorage object is not an arbitrary object which you can modify to save values -- rather, you have to use the getItem or setItem methods to store data.

For example, here is an edited version of your code to do what you want:

function bind_handlers () {
    $("#sublog").bind("click", function(){
        var firstname = $("input[name='fName']").val();
        var lastname = $("input[name='lName']").val();

        localStorage.setItem('firstname', firstname);
        localstorage.setItem('lastname', lastname);

And to retrieve those values later, just call localStorage.getItem('firstname') or localStorage.getItem('lastname').

If you want to save a data structure like {firstname : value, lastname : othervalue}, you first have to convert it to JSON. An example:

function bind_handlers () {
    $("#sublog").bind("click", function(){
        var my_data = {
            firstname: $("input[name='fName']").val(),
            lastname: $("input[name='lName']").val()

        localStorage.setItem('keyname', JSON.stringify(my_data));

And for retrieval:

var my_data = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('keyname'));
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LocalStorage is meant to store data on the client side, not to be overloaded with methods. You can use it this way :

localStorage.foo = "bar";
>> bar

If you need to store an object you have to serialize it into a string.

myobject = {
    foo: 'bar'
localStorage.myobject = JSON.stringify(myobject);

And get it back this way

myobject = JSON.parse(localStorage.myobject);

Anyway, functions cannot (and should not) be stored that way.

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Why are you trying to store functions in localStorage?

You store data in localStorage by key-value-pairs. e.g.


where the key and the value are strings. You can retrieve your data by using by using


Alternatively you may use

localStorage.key = 'something' 


var something = localStorage.key;
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It won't work this way. You'll have to assign a key in the localStorage collection for your object, AND IT CANT BE A FUNCTION, only objects with values. You'll have to JSON.stringify to parse the object and then insert it into localStorage.

For more info, look at this article.

To set an object into localStorage,

//set that to localStorage
localStorage["optArray"] = JSON.stringify(optArray);

To get the value from localStorage,

var store = [undefined, null].indexOf(localStorage["optArray"]) != -1 ? [] : JSON.parse(localStorage["optArray"]); 

In your situation, your click event must insert it into localStorage :

 $("#sublog").bind("click", function () {
     //set your names in an object
     var name = {
         "first": $("input[name='fName']").val(),
         "last": $("input[name='lName']").val()
     //parse it as a string and store it in localStorage
     localStorage["name"] = JSON.stringify(name);
     alert("Logged in!");
     //now refresh the page - you must see those values in the text box.

Then, when the page refreshes, you must get the value from localStorage and set it to the textboxes.

//page refresh
//check if value exists in localStorage
 if ([undefined, null].indexOf(localStorage["name"]) == -1) {
     var name = JSON.parse(localStorage["name"]);

Demo : http://jsfiddle.net/hungerpain/hgAHs/

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okay and i cant set a variable like that: var firstname = (input value); var lastname = (input value) and then set it in the localStorage like that: localStorage = { first: firstname, last: lsatname}; ? –  Boaz Hoch Jun 27 '13 at 13:24
@בועזהוך check updated answer –  bundleofjoy Jun 27 '13 at 13:34

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