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I require help regarding creating annotation pojo class using hibernate for my table

CREATE TABLE `test`.`TableName1`(  
   `date` DATE NOT NULL, 
   `deskid` BIGINT NOT NULL, 
   `systemid` BIGINT NOT NULL, 
   `fname` VARCHAR(10), 
   `lname` VARCHAR(10), 
   `role` VARCHAR(10), 
   `designation` VARCHAR(10), 
   PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
   UNIQUE KEY (`date`,`deskid`,`systemid`)

how to create a composite unque key using hibernate annotation.

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The primary key is id. You don't need a composite key. –  JB Nizet Jul 26 '13 at 21:45

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just try to use the 'uniqueConstraints' attribute of @Table annotation, I hope it will work

for ex.

@Table(name="PERSON", uniqueConstraints = {@UniqueConstraint(columnNames="date","deskid","systemid"})})
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