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Hi All, I am trying to generate a report using PPS in SharePoint 2010. We have sem at the bottom axis. SQL table is like this.

m1 m2 sem year
43 40 A   F 
70 99 A   R 
79 70 A   F 
13 22 A   R 
35 30 C   N 
21 19 I   F 
56 29 I   R

Now as table given contains dublicate entries in column sem; so it's showing mutiple entries in graph too. Requirement is that at the end it should sum up all dublicate entries in one like GROUP BY in Sql. Please guide.

I found one link Grouping MDX query results But I am not able to understand the answers.

Regards, Vikrant Raj Behal

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Is your data in a Multi-dimensional cube or in a sql table? –  dotNetE Jul 3 '13 at 13:33
It's in a cube. –  vikbehal Jul 4 '13 at 6:09

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