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I've been messing around a bit with a Facebook application for a while now, which is using FBML. A need has arisen to integrate graphs to display data. From what I can tell my options would be one of the following:

  1. Find a Flash Graph that doesn't require a JavaScript library to work
  2. Convert the application to an IFrame application, and hope that Facebook wont break the Graph JavaScript
  3. Generate the graph serverside with GD or ImageMagick

I would preferably not go with option 3, due to how boring generated graphs look, and serverside load.

Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions on how I would best solve this?

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Have you considered trying the google charts API? alt text

You just pass the variables and labels on the query string and google spits back the image.

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Have you checked out Google Charts?

It requires neither flash nor javascript, you just add an image, and the data goes into the url.

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Somehow I have completely missed the existence of Google Charts, definitely looks like the best option so far. –  Marco Nov 14 '09 at 15:21

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