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I'm trying to run some database queries in a Mocha test but I'm running into some problems.

Here's the test (using Mongoose):

it.only "should create some objects", (done) ->
  await models.MyModel1.count defer(err, oldModel1Count)
  await models.MyModel2.count defer(err, oldModel2Count)

  # ... do some stuff

  await models.MyModel1.count defer(err, newModel1Count)
  await models.MyModel2.count defer(err, newModel2Count)

  assert.equal oldModel1Count + 1, newModel1Count
  assert.equal oldModel2Count + 1, newModel2Count

The command for running the tests:

mocha --compilers coffee:iced-coffee-script --require iced-coffee-script --require mocha --colors --recursive test"

The error happens on the first line:

ReferenceError: err is not defined

I can only assume that it is attempting to use normal CoffeeScript to execute this code, so it thinks that defer is a function and attempts to evaluate err.

Is it possible to write the Mocha tests in IcedCoffeeScript?

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