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I am trying to include a file using a function, and I have several variables defined. I want to access the included file to access the variables, but because I am including it using a function, it is not accessible. The sample scenerio is as follows:

i.e the contents of index is as follows


function include_a_file($num)
  if($num == 34)
    include "test.php";
    include "another.php"
$greeting = "Hello";

And the contents of test.php is as follows


echo $greeting;

The test file is throwing a warning saying the $greeting is not defined.

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define $greeting as a constant instead –  Jay Harris Jun 27 '13 at 14:23
sorry that was a sample scenerio, i have more than 10 variables defined. Also, they changes. –  ISuthan Bala Jun 27 '13 at 14:24
@jayharris What would defining it as a constant to more than just setting $greeting =""; ? –  Daryl Gill Jun 27 '13 at 14:24
@DarylGill makes it global, and in the include file you can read the constant to a variable after –  Jay Harris Jun 27 '13 at 14:31

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This will not work. include and require act as if the code you're including was literally part of the file at the point the include/require was executed. As such, your external files are going to be in the scope of the include_a_file() function, which means $greeting is OUT OF SCOPE within that function.

You'll have to either pass it in as a parameter, or make it global within the function:

function include_a_file($num, $var) {
                              ^^^^-option #1
   global $greeting; // option #2

$greeting = 'hello';
include_a_file(3, $greeting);
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Are you sure your correctly including? And remember PHP is case sensitive:

$Test = "String"; 
$TEst = "String"; 

Both completely different variables..

Furthermore, don't just echo out a variable, wrap it within in a isset condition:

if (isset($greeting)){
 echo $greeting;
} // Will only echo if the variable has been properly set.. 

Or you could use:

if (isset($greeting)){
  echo $greeting;
  echo "Default Greeting"; 
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