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I'm using NUnit 262 and VS 2010.

This code should show messages writen with Debug.Writeline in the NUnit window, but it doen't.

The code:

public interface ILongRunningLibrary {
    string RunForALongTime(int interval);

public class LongRunningLibrary : ILongRunningLibrary {
    public string RunForALongTime(int interval) {
        var timeToWait = interval * 1000; Thread.Sleep(timeToWait);
        return string.Format("Waited {0} seconds", interval);
public class MoqExamples {
    private Mock<ILongRunningLibrary> _longRunningLibrary;

    public void SetupForTest() {
        _longRunningLibrary = new Mock<ILongRunningLibrary>();

    public void TestLongRunningLibrary() {
        const int interval = 10;
        var result = _longRunningLibrary.Object.RunForALongTime(interval);
        Debug.WriteLine("Return from method was '" + result + "'");

    public void TearDownAfterTest() {

I should see this in the NUnit window:

a busy cat

But I see this instead:

a busy cat

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When using Console.WriteLine, you'll see the output in the Text Output tab at the bottom of the test runner. I'm not sure if Debug.WriteLine puts it there as well. Have you checked?

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Yes, I checked but there's no message in that tab either. That tab is even gray, as if it was disabled!! –  Rafael Jun 27 '13 at 16:25
Is it an option to replace Debug.WriteLine with Console.WriteLine? And does that even work? –  Chris Missal Jun 27 '13 at 16:28
Yes it worked. Thank you –  Rafael Jun 28 '13 at 14:36

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