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I've deployed an app to heroku and want to reload that source code and work from there again and blow away all changes I've made since. Is there a way to do a git reset --head [heroku-source]? I know I can get the source with a heroku git:clone -a myappbut I would like to know if there's a more efficient way.

After I pushed to Heroku, I kept making changes and never pushed to Git. So my cleanest code is there.

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I'm assuming your changes are all on the master branch, and you have that branch checked out before you start.

  1. Make sure you have a Heroku git remote:

    heroku git:remote
  2. Check out a new branch, so that you don't lose your changes if something goes wrong:

    git branch recent-changes
  3. Fetch from the Heroku remote, this will create or update a remote tracking branch called heroku/master that contains the current state of the master branch on Heroku:

    git fetch heroku
  4. Look at what's changed between master and heroku/master, and make sure you really want to throw those changes away:

    git log heroku/master..master
  5. Reset your local master branch back to wherever the heroku/master branch is up to:

    git reset --hard heroku/master
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You can simply

git reset --hard heroku/master

where heroku is the name of the heroku remote origin. You can view your remote branches with

git branch -r
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