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I've been trying to use remoteView.setFloat(R.id.remote_background, "setAlpha", (float) 0.7); to set background transparency/alpha, but I'm getting "Error loading widget". I've read that you can set transparency by adding a hex value in front of a color. But since I'm getting the color from ColorPicker and it's an integer value (example: -13890612), I don't know how to use it.

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You should use hex notation to see the color as it is in format RRGGBB, so your -13890612 should be rather peeked as 2C0BCC which makes more sense as you can easily say what are values of each components of the color. And to add alpha channel (which is value from 0 - (full transparent) to 0xff (full opaque)), just OR the right value with your color and use. I.e. to make it semi transparent OR 0x80:

int rgb  = 0x2C0BCC;
int argb = 0x80000000 | rgb;
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USe setInt(R.id.remote_background, "setBackgroundColor", colorInt); instead.

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