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all. I'm trying to parse a CSV file using CsvParser, but I get an IOException: Stream closed error after reading in line 57 (of ~6500). Does anyone know what could be causing this? Here is a code snippet and the error:

#!/usr/bin/ groovy

package csvTest

@Grab ('com.xlson.groovycsv:groovycsv:1.0')
import com.xlson.groovycsv.CsvParser

def csvFile = new File("file.csv").withReader {

csvFile.each {
    println it

Caught: Stream closed Stream closed
    at$ Source)
    at com.xlson.groovycsv.CsvIterator.hasNext(CsvIterator.groovy:72)
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The CsvParser is lazy, so reads rows as they are requested (rather than loading them all into memory.

The withReader call closes the Reader once the Closure is finished.

So when you try to do csvFile.each, the stream is closed.

This should work:

new File("file.csv").withReader {
    def csvFile = CsvParser.parseCsv( it )

    csvFile.each {
        println it
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Looks like that did the trick! Thanks! – Jess Jun 27 '13 at 15:19

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