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I Have three tables, contact, list and listmembers. Contacts from contact table are associated to lists from list table via listmembers table.

class Model_Contact extends ORM{
        protected $_has_many = array(
                'lists'=>array('model'=>'List', 'through'=>'listmembers', 'far_key'=>'dlid', 'foreign_key'=>'uid')

class Model_List extends ORM

        protected $_has_many = array(
                'contacts'=>array('model'=>'Contact', 'through'=>'listmembers', 'far_key'=>'uid', 'foreign_key'=>'dlid')

I have to update contact and list relationship in listmemebers table - create new relationship between existing contact and existing list - Remove relationship between contact and list How can I achieve this in Kohana ORM? I can always create model for listmembers and directly add/delete on this model. But is there a way to handle via relationship without creating listmembers model?

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I think the documentation explains it quite well:

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