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I have 3 tables in database. Name: 1. Category (CategoryID,CategoryName) 2. Attribute (AttributeID, AttributeName) 3. CatAttribute (CatAttributeID, AttributeID, CategoryID) I am using MVC4 (Visual Studio2010) *with Entityframework*. I want to display all category in dropdownlist1, Based on selection of category in dropdownlist1 associated AttributeName should display in dropdownlist2. My below code display 1. All category in dropdownlist1 (CategoryName) 2. All Attribute ID in dropdownList2 (Attribute ID) My Problem is: 1. I want to display AttributeName instead of AttributeID 2. Need to display corresponding value base on CategoryName Selection. I don’t want to display all attribute in dropdownlist1. I just want those attribute which are associated with selected category in dropdonlist1. Please help me how to achieve that? Please help me to correct my code I have spent 2-days to solve this issue.

My Controller Code: PAListController.cs is as below:

public class PAListController : Controller { private PAListEntities db = new PAListEntities();

    public ActionResult Index()
       ViewBag.Category = new SelectList(db.Category, "CategoryID", "CategoryName"); 
       ViewBag.Attribute = new SelectList(db.Attribute, "AttributeID", "AttributeName");
       ViewBag.CatAttribute = new SelectList(db.CatAttribute, "CatAttributeID", "AttributeID", "CategoryID");

       /*ViewBag.Category =ViewBag.Category = db.Category.ToList();
       ViewBag.Attribute =db.Attribute.ToList();
       ViewBag.CatAttribute = db.CatAttribute.Include("Attribute").Where(m => m.CatAttributeID == m.Attribute.AttributeID && m.CategoryID == m.Category.CategoryID).ToList();*/

       /*var AttributeLst = new List<string>();

       var AttributeQry = from d in db.CatAttribute.Include("Attribute")
                          where (d.AttributeID == d.Attribute.AttributeID)
                          orderby d.Attribute.AttributeName
                          select d.Attribute.AttributeName;

       ViewBag.Attribute = new SelectList(AttributeLst);*/

       return View();

     private IList<CatAttribute> GetAttribute(int categoryID)
         return db.CatAttribute.Include("Attribute").Where(m => m.CategoryID == categoryID && m.Attribute.AttributeID==m.AttributeID).ToList();
     public JsonResult Attribute(string categoryID)
         var CatAttributeList = this.GetAttribute(Convert.ToInt32(categoryID));
         var CatAttributeData = CatAttributeList.Select(m => new SelectListItem()
             Text = m.Attribute.AttributeName,
             Value = m.CatAttributeID.ToString(),
         return Json(CatAttributeData,JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

     protected override void Dispose(bool disposing)

My ViewCode is as Below: Index.cshtml (PAList)

@model DropdownList.Models.PAListEntities
    ViewBag.Title = "Index";
 <script type="text/javascript">
     $(document).ready(function () {
         $("#ddlCategoryID").change(function () {
             var categoryid = $(this).val(); 
              var url = '<%= Url.Action("Attribute", "PAList") %>';            
             $.getJSON(url, { categroID:categoryid},
                    function (AttributesData) {
                        var select = $("#ddlAttribute");
                        select.append($('<option/>', {
                            value: 0,
                            text: "Select a Attribute"
                        $.each(AttributesData, function (index, itemData) {
                            select.append($('<option/>', {
                                value: itemData.Value,
                                text: itemData.Text

@using(Ajax.BeginForm("Index","PAList",new AjaxOptions {HttpMethod="POST"}))
    <p>Select Category:
        @Html.DropDownList("Category",null,"--Select Category--",new { id = "ddlcategoryID" })</p>
    <p>Associated Attribute: @Html.DropDownList("CatAttribute",null,"--Select Attribute--",new { id = "ddlAttribute" })</p>
     @*Html.DropDownListFor(Model => Model.Category, new SelectList(ViewBag.Category as System.Collections.IEnumerable, "CategoryID", "CategoryName"), "Select a Category", new { id = "ddlcategoryID" })</P>
    <p>Associated Attribute: @Html.DropDownListFor(Model => Model.CatAttribute, new SelectList(Enumerable.Empty,SelectList>(), "CatAttributeID", "AttributeID"), "Select a Attribute", new { id = "ddlAttribute" }) </p>*@
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