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Just got approved for WebsiteSpark, but I can't download from MSDN. Anybody else have this issue?

Update: Currently going through MS support. WebsiteSpark doesn't seem to be talking to MSDN very well.

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My stuff is finally available for download. The issue seemed to be that WebsiteSpark wasn't properly synced with MSDN. I did have to call support on the issue, and they directed me to a service representative for WebsiteSpark. I emailed her and a couple of days later I checked that I am able to download. I didn't get a proper email response from my representative, but I just checked today and the previously unavailable downloads are there. A total PIA, and I'm not even really sure who fixed my issue. The only thing I could think that would help others is knowing that they had a similar issue as mine if they describe it to support. If you go to MSDN My Account page and you don't see something like the following, then your MSDN account isn't activated.

alt text

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