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I have problem with create criteria.This my code.When i remove

projections  { 

code returns me EducationInfo object in list.That is ok but when I put this code

 projections  { 

it returns my an object. i and want that it should return me EducationInfo object in list when i group by records

def searchProfessionalByProfession (params) {

    def level          =params.level     
    def profession     =params.profession  
    def type           =params.type 
       def country        =params.country 

    def test = EducationInfo.createCriteria()
    def res  = test.list{  

        eq("profession", Profession.get(profession)) 
        if (params.level)
        eq("level", EducationLevel.get(level)) 
        if (params.type) 
        eq("type", EducationType.get(type))
        if (params.country) 
        eq("country", Country.get(country))  

        projections  { 


    return res
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How does EducationInfo look like? –  dmahapatro Jun 27 '13 at 18:58
what do you mean ? –  Ziya Askerov Jul 13 '13 at 12:03

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