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I have 3 MongoDb collections:

  • tracks (lat, lon, created_at [datetime], user_id);
  • users (user_id, ...);
  • users_contacts (user_id, user_contact_id, ...).

I have one user_id. Need to find latest locations of his contacts (users_contacts), ordered by distanse from his current location (nearest will be at the top of results). How can I create MapReduce functions? Thanks to anyone who can provide a C# sample.

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You need to take a look at Near/geoNear functionality


something like

places.EnsureIndex(IndexKeys.GeoSpatial("loc"), IndexOptions.SetGeoSpatialRange(-500, 500));
var query = Query.Near("loc", 50, 50, 5);
var cursor = places.Find(query).SetLimit(20);
foreach (var hit in cursor) {
    // process hit

Now in your case you would like to query users_contacts

  var query =  Query.And(Query.EQ("user_id", "<id>"),Query.Near("loc", x, y, r));
    var cursor = users_contacts.Find(query)
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