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How can I insert this:

<strong>{% trans "Error!" %}</strong> {% trans "blablabla." %}

Instead of "xxx" here:

{% include "alert.html" with connotation="error" message="xxx" %}

Please advise.

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what did you try to do it so far? –  zmo Jun 27 '13 at 17:05
You can't. In order to achieve it you might modify the alert.html template to conditionally display the block you want to pass, e.g. {%if message %}..block goes here..{%endif%} –  J0HN Jun 27 '13 at 17:08
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As far as i know, you can't do that unless you create the complete message in view and pass it as a template context parameter.

Instead of passing complete message i would suggest to pass some error code and based on that show the appropriate message in "alert.html".

So your include statement will change to something like this:

{% include "alert.html" with connotation="error" error_code=err_code %}

and inside alert.html, you can put conditions to show appropriate message.

{% if error_code == "404" %}
  <strong>{% trans "Not Found!" %}</strong>
{% endif %}
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