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I had a strange situation:

In my folder /home/Komponenten/ were a lot of python scripts

When I started

cd /home/Kompontenen

/home/Kompontenen>python urlfilter.py

resulted in the execution of another script, i found out that it was in my case it was queue.py from the same folder

I though ok, there might be some code in urlfilter were I used the queue.py. Queue.py contained a little test with multithreading but nothing special

So I simply tried to move the queue.py file

After that urlfilter.py was executed normally and no error

So I still have no clue why the python interpreter executed queue.py instead of urlfilter.py

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In Python the import path contains . (working directory). Importing a module basically means executing it. That is why your importing of queue from urlfilter.py resulted in queue being executed. To avoid accidental execution of scripts by importing, you can check the __name__ variable for the value '__main__'.

if __name__ == '__main__':
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