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How do I direct Eclipse to the Python interpreter on my Mac?

I've looked in Library which contains the directory 'Python' then '2.3' and '2.5', however they contain nothing except 'Site-packages' - Which is weird considering I can go into the terminal and type python. I then installed the latest 2.6 version with package manager and still can't find it. Can anyone help?

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An alias to the python interpreter was likely installed into /usr/local/bin. So, to invoke python2.6, type /usr/local/bin/python2.6 or, most likely, just python2.6. If you want python to invoke python2.6, try rearranging your $PATH so that /usr/local/bin precedes /usr/bin.

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I just solved this for my Mac and it was located in


The way I found it is as follows:

(1) I tried entering the following to see if I could find where Python was located


This had the location of a custom install of Python that came from another program I downloaded, but I wanted the native Python.

(2) I wanted to see every folder in the path so I could look for python

echo $PATH

This returned the following:


(2b) I CDed into every one of these locations and searched for python in each one.

cd /usr/bin/
ls | grep "python"

And I eventually found Python.

In Eclipse, with PyDev, if you (1) click Preferences (2) PyDev (3) Interpreter - Python, you can add the interpreter.

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Running $which python should help locate your Python installation.

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