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I am getting errors in AVG function. Can anyone please help on the following script: (Do i need to use tuple or bag while loading?) Thanks.

mydata = LOAD 'bigdata.txt' USING PigStorage(',')  AS (stn , wban, yearmoda,   temp, a ,  dewp :double, b ,  slp :double,  c,  stp :double, d, visib :double, e,  wdsp :double,  f, mxspd :double,  gust :double,   max :double,  min :double, prcp :double, sndp :double, frshtt);

clean1 = FOREACH mydata GENERATE stn , wban, yearmoda,   temp, a ,  dewp, b ,  slp,  c,  stp, d, visib, e,  wdsp,  f, mxspd,  gust,   max ,  min, prcp  ,sndp , frshtt;

--clean2 = FILTER clean1 BY (temp == 9999.9);

tmpdata = FOREACH clean1 GENERATE stn, SUBSTRING(yearmoda, 0, 5) as year, temp;
C = GROUP tmpdata BY (year, temp);

avgtemp = FOREACH C GENERATE group, AVG(temp);
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You did not assign temp a type when you LOADed your data. So when Pig tries to call the AVG function, and it checks to see which version of it to use (since it must behave differently if the field is an int rather than a double, for example), it cannot tell how to proceed. Give temp a type (like temp:int) in your LOAD statement and it should work.

In your case, you have also not specified the field correctly. You need to pass AVG a bag to evaluate. You construct this bag by projecting the temp field out of the bag of records in C. The schema of C is {(group:(year,temp)), tmpdata:{(stn,year:chararray,temp)})}, so you need to compute avgtemp like this:

avgtemp = FOREACH C GENERATE group, AVG(tmpdata.temp);
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it says: Projected field [temp] does not exist in schema: group:tuple(year:chararray,temp:double),tmpdata:bag{:tuple(stn:bytearray,year:ch‌​ararray,temp:double)}. –  farey Jun 27 '13 at 19:25
I have updated my answer. –  reo katoa Jun 27 '13 at 20:00
Thankyou so much. it worked. but my data is not readable. (I am printing using dump right now. its a 35MB file. is that ok?) Also, can you refer a command for filtering values like 9999 from a column... Thanks. –  farey Jun 27 '13 at 20:16
Try to figure out what you can, and then post another question detailing what you have tried and the specific errors you are running into. –  reo katoa Jun 27 '13 at 20:17
for the previous problem..I get some data (360Kb) as output but its not readable. (part-r-00000 file) does it mean my program is incorrect. –  farey Jun 27 '13 at 21:13

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