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I've downloaded the Eclipse PDT package as well as however, I can't find any options for formatting my PHP such as specifying line breaks, etc.

In this answer to another question, http://stackoverflow.com/a/3517764, there is a screenshot of what I understand is what I should be seeing. However, all I see is an extremely basic setting panel where I can set whether or not I want spaces or tabs to be used and how many to be used.

Any help on getting a good formatter would be great. Ideally, it'd be a formatter for within Eclipse as opposed to another tool.

I'm currently using Eclipse Juno 4.2.2


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From what I see, PDT 3.1.x branch doesn't have a fully customizable code formatting rules. If you go and install/update to PDT 3.2 branch you'll get java-like code formatting options.

In Eclipse Juno go to:

Help > Install New Software

Once you update/install PDT and restart eclipse if you go to

Window > Preferences > PHP > Code Style > Formatter

You'll see a highly customizable formatter to use.

Note, I got the link for the 3.2 release from: http://projects.eclipse.org/projects/tools.pdt

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Thanks a lot. that was very helpful to me –  Ahmad Abdelghany May 29 at 11:50

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