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I like using Windows' Sticky Notes to keep a handy list of tasks that I'm working on, which can get a little lengthy at times. It works nicely, except for scrolling. Is there a way to use the mouse-wheel to scroll within a Sticky Note instead of clicking & dragging the scroll-bar?

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Why the negative votes? If you're going to down-vote a question, please comment the reason why. –  saratogahiker Aug 6 '14 at 17:52

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I found that if I:

  1. Select the Sticky note with mouse
  2. Press the Alt key 2 times

RESULT: mouse scroll will be enabled

Thanks for the post, after 7 months of loving, using Stickies this drove me crazy!

Happy computing ~

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One (very unsatisfying) way to scroll with the mousewheel is to select the "menu" by pressing ALT (or clicking on the '+' in the top left and releasing the mousebutton elsewhere), THEN mousewheeling. But even so, it scrolls page by page which is not very usual...

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I agree that it's not ideal, but it works - thank you! –  saratogahiker Jul 23 '13 at 13:22

set the keyboard command in the settings for the application

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Thanks for the comment, but I don't see any settings for the Sticky Notes in Windows 7. –  saratogahiker Jul 2 '13 at 19:35

Pressing the alt key twice works, but only temporarily. A free program called WizMouse takes care of the program completely.

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