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I'm trying to fire off an event when a certain key is pressed. It works fine with this code:

            case 96:$("a.quicklinks").trigger('click'); 

But, if the user is in a form field, I'd like to disable this behavior. How do I test whether the user is typing in a form field to do this? Thanks.

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$(document).keypress(function(e) { 
    if ($(e.target).is('input, textarea')) {
        // event invoked from input or textarea
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This works great, thank you! –  Bill Nov 14 '09 at 21:49

Maybe you can set a global var

var disable_keyevents = false;
    .focus(function() { disable_keyevents = true })
    .blur(function() { disable_keyevents = true; });

then you just check the value of disable_keyevents in the $(document).keypress event before the switch.

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This code will trigger when the user presses ASCII character #96 inside your form - you may use this to disable / modify the "default code" for this keypress.

$('#my_form_field').live('keypress', function(e) {
	if (e.keyCode == 96) {
		// Do stuff.
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